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Cast status:
Made In Dagenham: Added complete cast, which starts previews from 9th October. (8th Aug 2014)

Once: David Hunter and Jill Winternitz took over the roles of Guy and Girl from 12th May. Ronan Keating will join the cast on 17th November. (20th Jun 2014)

Mamma Mia: Added complete new cast, which started on 9th June. (19th Jun 2014)

Billy Elliot: Updated current cast list. (27th May 2014)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Updated current cast list. (27th May 2014)

The Pajama Game: Updated current cast list. (27th May 2014)

Les Misérables: Added complete new cast, which starts on 16th June. (22nd May 2014)

Les Misérables: New cast from 16th June. Includes David Thaxton as Javert and Tom Edden as Thénardier. (9th May 2014)

I Can't Sing! - The X Factor Musical: Closes on 10th May 2014. (2nd May 2014)

Thriller Live: Updated current cast list. (2nd May 2014)

Most recent reviews:
Psalms Nissi Myers-Reid - I saw the last performance of Psalms Nissi. She was so brilliant. I am looking forward to seeing more of her in the further (21st Oct 2014)

Katie-Louise Shalka-Fisher - This is crazy!! Check you you talented bean in a stage magazine hahahaha xxxxx (19th Oct 2014)

Sarah O'Connor - Saw her in The Commitments last month and she was absolutely incredible! I wrote to her on Twitter asking her for advice on CPA Studios and she followed me and DMd me giving me advice and help within my training. She is a lovely girl and is doing Ireland proud in West End! She is a true inspiration and is someone I most defiantly look up to being Irish and in my 2nd year of Musical Theatre. I look forward to see what she goes onto next (12th Oct 2014)