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Cast status:
Once: David Hunter and Jill Winternitz took over the roles of Guy and Girl from 12th May. Ronan Keating will join the cast on 17th November. (20th Jun 2014)

Mamma Mia: Added complete new cast, which started on 9th June. (19th Jun 2014)

Billy Elliot: Updated current cast list. (27th May 2014)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Updated current cast list. (27th May 2014)

The Pajama Game: Updated current cast list. (27th May 2014)

Les Misérables: Added complete new cast, which starts on 16th June. (22nd May 2014)

Les Misérables: New cast from 16th June. Includes David Thaxton as Javert and Tom Edden as Thénardier. (9th May 2014)

I Can't Sing! - The X Factor Musical: Closes on 10th May 2014. (2nd May 2014)

Thriller Live: Updated current cast list. (2nd May 2014)

The Bodyguard: Alexandra Burke joins as Rachel Marron on 2nd June. Show closes on 30th August 2014. (2nd May 2014)

Most recent reviews:
Ben Jennings - Beautiful voice from this extremely talented performer! Saw Ben over 10 times last year playing Frankie superbly! Not a fan of the new cast. Heard Ben was on last Saturday so dropped everything so I could see his performance. Well worth it! The best Frankie for me for a long time! (9th Jul 2014)

Ben Jennings - WOW! No other word to describe his Frankie! Caught Ben last Saturday night. I have never seen such a perfect performance! Nobody sings 'can't take my eyes off you' like Ben! Sublime performer! (8th Jul 2014)

Lucy Simmonds - Are you the same Lucy doing the music video's, cause you are amazing <3 (4th Jul 2014)