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Les Miserables

Current cast (from 13th June 2016)
Simon Gleeson - Jean Valjean (Principal)
Hayden Tee - Javert (Stand-in)
Lucy O'Byrne - Fantine (Principal)
Katy Secombe - Mme Thenardier (Principal)
David Langham - Thenardier (Principal)
Paul Wilkins - Marius (Principal)
Hollie O'Donoghue - Eponine (Principal)
Charlotte Kennedy - Cosette (Principal)
Chris Cowley - Enjolras (Principal)

Thomas Aldridge - Grantaire (Ensemble)
Adam Bayjou - Claquesous (Ensemble)
Adam Bayjou - Factory Foreman (Ensemble)
Oliver Brenin - Swing (Ensemble)
Lucyelle Cliffe - Madame (Ensemble)
Andy Conaghan - Babet (Ensemble)
Andy Conaghan - Bishop (Ensemble)
Vinny Coyle - Swing (Ensemble)
Tamsin Dowsett - Bag woman (Ensemble)
Tamsin Dowsett - Old woman (Ensemble)
Aimee Fisher - Crone (Ensemble)
Antony Hansen - Montparnasse (Ensemble)
Steffan Harri - Combeferre (Ensemble)
Holly-Anne Hull - Whore/Urchin (Ensemble)
Will Jennings - Courfeyrac (Ensemble)
Josie Kemp - Whore/Urchin (Ensemble)
Joanna Loxton - Swing (Ensemble)
Simon Lynch - Joly (Ensemble)
Kayleigh McKnight - Factory Girl (Ensemble)
Felix Mosse - Prouvaire (Ensemble)
Adam Pearce - Bamatabois (Ensemble)
Adam Pearce - Brujon (Ensemble)
Jonny Purchase - Feuilly (Ensemble)
Sophie Reeves - Madeleine (Ensemble)
Lauren Soley - Whore/Urchin (Ensemble)
Samantha Thomas - Swing (Ensemble)
Lee Van Geleen - Lesgles (Ensemble)
Danny Whitehead - Swing (Ensemble)

Louie Green - Gavroche (Child role)
Ben Perkins - Gavroche (Child role)
Max Reader - Gavroche (Child role)
Isadora Dyer - Little Cosette (Child role)
Daisy Morley Fletcher - Little Cosette (Child role)
Eliz Hassan - Little Cosette (Child role)
Sienna Bromley - Young Eponine (Child role)
Alexandra Hopkins - Young Eponine (Child role)
Mia Wilks - Young Eponine (Child role)

Current cast understudies
Jean Valjean (1st cover) - Adam Bayjou
Jean Valjean (2nd cover) - Oliver Brenin
Jean Valjean (3rd cover) - Antony Hansen
Factory Foreman (1st cover) - Lee Van Geleen
Javert (1st cover) - Adam Pearce
Javert (2nd cover) - Lee Van Geleen
Fantine (1st cover) - Sophie Reeves
Fantine (2nd cover) - Aimee Fisher
Mme Thenardier (1st cover) - Tamsin Dowsett
Mme Thenardier (2nd cover) - Lucyelle Cliffe
Grantaire (1st cover) - Andy Conaghan
Thenardier (1st cover) - Adam Pearce
Thenardier (2nd cover) - Thomas Aldridge
Marius (1st cover) - Felix Mosse
Marius (2nd cover) - Simon Lynch
Eponine (1st cover) - Lauren Soley
Eponine (2nd cover) - Josie Kemp
Cosette (1st cover) - Holly-Anne Hull
Cosette (2nd cover) - Samantha Thomas
Enjolras (1st cover) - Jonny Purchase
Enjolras (2nd cover) - Steffan Harri

Performers starting soon
Jeremy Secombe - Javert (Principal) - Starting on 24th April 2017


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I saw a school version of Les Mis earlier this year, which was my first experience of any of the music, and it completely blew me away. To see a professional production was a real treat, and I loved every moment. I thought some of the performances were better than others: Valjean, Javert and Marius were all really good. Gavroche's and Enjolras' deaths were brilliant, and I thought Natalie Caswell did very well as Eponine, although her singing was a bit poppy. I spent most of the second act in floods of tears, because the acting was so good, especially from Drew Sarich. The way he aged was truly fantastic. The Thenardiers were funny, as expected, and everyone did very well with the music, with such a fantastic contrast between the tenors of Valjean, Marius and Enjolras. (Written by "Katherine (Guest)", 10th Sep 2008)

I saw the matinee on Wednesday 20th August. It was my 2nd time seeing the show and for once it was good seeing a show without any understudies, but I have to say that Nancy Sullivan is an amazing Eponine and Drew as Jean Valjean and Earl as Javert worked really well together. I say I would go and see it now whilst it has got this cast because they are all extremely talented. I would recommend this show to everyone and anyone! (Written by "Harry (Guest)", 20th Aug 2008)

I was at last night's opening night at the Barbican for the anniversary production of Les Mis and it blew me away! I LOVE the new staging! It's brilliant and brings freshness to the story and new nuances. John Owen-Jones is officially the best Valjean I've ever seen by some margin and that's saying something as they've all been brilliant and I've seen the show many times. The Madame Thernardier was also the best I've seen. Having said that, the Fantine, Eponine, and Javert weren't my favourites, although they were all very good. I found Eponine a bit too shouty, and Fantine did too much stuff with it rather than keeping it simple, although it was a moving performance overall. I found I couldn't always hear Javert's words, although he had a lovely strong voice. I missed Michael McCarthy though who is my favourite Javert of all time (having never had the luck to witness Phillip Quast in the role). The Enjolras was strong though and the Gavroche excellent. I thought Gareth Gates did a very creditable performance as Marius, as he doesn't have a background in musical theatre. He certainly was very fetching and lovelorn and sang nicely! His lack of training showed, but he's got likeability so it didn't matter too much. It was a wonderful evening - me and my mum both said we'd never seen it done so well. We're veterans of Les Mis but this was like coming to it fresh and it completely blew us away. (Written by "Samantha (Guest)", 15th Sep 2010)

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1st Dec 2016: New principals from 5th December (JVJ, Fantine and Eponine) and 12th December (Marius and Cosette) and 9th January (Javert).
23rd Jun 2016: New cast from 11th June. Added complete cast list.
15th Feb 2016: Minor cast change from 15th February.
11th May 2015: New cast starts on 15th June. Added complete cast list.
22nd May 2014: Added complete new cast, which starts on 16th June.
9th May 2014: New cast from 16th June. Includes David Thaxton as Javert and Tom Edden as Thénardier.
22nd Jul 2013: Dan Koek takes over the role of Jean Valjean from 23rd July.
11th Jun 2013: Added complete new cast, which starts on 17th June 2013.
2nd Feb 2013: New Fantine from 14th January: Celinde Schoenmaker. New Marius, Enjolras, Mme Thénardier and Feuilly from 28th January: Jamie Ward, Christopher Jacobsen, Vicky Entwistle and Samuel Edwards.
29th Jun 2012: Added complete new cast, which started on 18th June. Sierra Boggess will join as Fantine on 2nd July.
18th Apr 2012: Earl Carpenter will return as Javert from 8th to 19th May.
9th Mar 2012: Tam Mutu and Danielle Hope take over the roles of Javert and Eponine on 18th June. Further casting to be announced.
3rd Mar 2012: Ramin Karimloo will stay until 31st March, David Shannon will play Jean Valjean from 3rd April to 16th June before Geronimo Rauch will take over the role of Jean Valjean from the cast change on 18th June.
27th Oct 2011: Ramin Karimloo returns to London Les Mis on 29th November, taking over the role of Jean Valjean from Alfie Boe.
7th Sep 2011: Cameron Blakely returns to the role of Thénardier on 12th September.
6th Jul 2011: Updated current cast, which started on 23rd June.
29th Mar 2011: Added some of the performers in the new cast, which starts on 23rd June 2011.
25th Feb 2011: Alfie Boe, Hadley Fraser and Matt Lucas will join the new cast from 23rd June. Other performers in the new cast are not yet confirmed.
22nd Jun 2010: Added complete new cast, which started on 21st June. Missing a few understudies and a few roles.
24th Sep 2009: Simon Bowman, Hans Peter Janssens and Emily Bull will take over the roles of Jean Valjean, Javert and Cosette on 12th October.
16th Sep 2009: Hans Peter Janssens returns as Javert at the Queen's theatre on 12th October 2009.
23rd Jun 2009: Added complete new cast, which started at the Queen's theatre on 22nd June.
1st Jun 2009: Added many performers in the new cast, which starts on 22nd June. Only missing Thénardiers and some ensemble members.
29th May 2008: The complete new cast list is now announced. Thanks to Tanja for helping us with the missing pieces! :-)
23rd May 2008: We can now announce all the new leads, starting on 23rd June. Have also added some of the ensemble.
22nd Apr 2008: Earl Carpenter will play Javert from 23rd June 2008.
11th Apr 2008: Added more performers to the new cast, starting on 23rd June.
31st Mar 2008: Added more performers to the new cast, starting on 23rd June.
6th Mar 2008: Added 3 performers in the new cast, starting on 23rd June.
6th Sep 2007: Drew Sarich will start as Jean Valjean in October.
3rd Jul 2007: Almost complete cast information from 10th April 2000 until now. Missing a few understudies and children performers.