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Reviews of Earl Carpenter

Saw Les Mis for 1st time and Earl's portrayal of Javert was outstanding. (Written by "Heather (Guest)", 23rd July 2009)

Earl is such a great actor and singer. He will be perfect as Javert! (Written by "Maria (Guest)", 23rd April 2008)

Earl is the best ever and it is sad he left. He is great! (Written by "Nia Crowley (Guest)", 7th December 2007)

Earl is the 3rd best singer. Well done, Earl! You are great! (Written by "Nia Crowley (Guest)", 5th December 2007)

I have seen Earl in Phantom twice. And he ROCKS! His 'Christine I love you' - I wept! Sooo emotional! He is just as good as John Owen-Jones, better than Crawford! I do like Crawford's Phantom, but not as much as JOJ and Earl! Hope to see you again Earl in anything! (Written by "Liz S. from Essex, UK (Guest)", 26th August 2007)

It's simple; Bloody Brilliant! (Written by "caiak", 17th July 2006)

Brilliant actor, his portrayal as the Phantom for me is the best I've seen and possibly will ever see. He plays up wonderfully the Phantom's haunted madness and his childlike need and fear of Christine's love. I will be be sad to see him go but an grateful for the time he's givin us in the role. (Written by "Nikki", 19th May 2006)

Reviews from the old website
(written between 2000 and 2006):

Nikki Desborough from Peterborough: Brilliant as the Beast - great in Witches!

Adrienne Wang from USA: He is cute.

Fynn from Singapore: The man is like Michael Crawford's double! Didn't buy the program, but I believe he was playing the role of the Phantom last night (15/12/2003). How can anyone tire of this musical?

Cai Dale from Herefordshire: Completely perfect. He brought the "Phantom" alive both times I saw it in April and May. Well done!

Tyler Cooper from Chesire: I absolutely enjoy any performance Earl has been in. He is very talented and I would like to know more about him.

Lynne Hart from London: The most amazing performance of the Phantom I've ever seen, I was totally left in awe!!

Tyler Cooper from High Peak, England: Words can not describe how great this man is. I was lucky enough to meet him after the show.