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Reviews of Reece Emery

4 winchcombe road. rg21 8xh thank buddy great performance :D (Written by "Adhip Wagle (Guest)", 9th October 2013)

I have 2 pets, they are adopted children. One is called Mike and the OTHER is matt chinks. They enhance vasaline and love it when they snack on spiders chinks winkle. I ADHIP LOVE DEM CHINKS EGG LOOPERS. MM I LIVE IN A KENNEL ON THE M3 EATING CHINKS FOR YUM. can u smell me im coming to eat your egg loppy winkle. MMMMM yummy KFC RUB MY GREASY EGGS ON DAT FOREHEAD FAM. MY CUBBINS IS 58 YEARS OLD AND HELP ME I IZ SCARED AS I FOUND 3 CHUNKS OF POOP CHINKS (Written by "Matthew Alistar Chinks Baldwin Sniffmister (Guest)", 20th June 2013)

Velly velly good, my child, (Written by "Bob (Guest)", 16th May 2013)

I love moi. (Written by "Reece Emery (Guest)", 11th December 2012)

LETS HAVE CHOCOLATE MILK TOGETHE AT COSTA COFFEE WITH MY NAN WHO IS CALLED JANET. Hell fricking YEAH! (Written by "Toby Blackburn (Guest)", 6th December 2012)

Mmm your perfume was divine. yumo (Written by "Matthew A Baldwin (Guest)", 19th November 2012)

Hi dere. I am from tHailand and sore u in the show. You di very epic. Hope tom see u agin. :T (Written by "YouSeeMehLOLING", 12th July 2012)

I really liked the play, Reece. I think you wre very good, you brilliant little Bonkychez. Keep on bonkying you little chez. Love from Conor. XXXXXXXOXXXXOXXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXLOLXXOXOXOXOOOXOXOOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXX (Written by "Conor Quinlan (Guest)", 12th July 2012)

I camE over to th UK and sawe this gr8 play, and you were Star of thee Show. Thancs Reece!. LOL (Written by "Gerard Pique (Guest)", 10th July 2012)

Hi. Thanks to all my fans. But please stop posting weird comments. Thank you. Oh, and thank you Charlotte! (Written by "Reece Emery (Guest)", 4th July 2012)

I did enjoy your dancing, even thought the play wasn't that great; it wasn't my cup of coffee. (Written by "Richard Hennessy (Guest)", 20th March 2012)

Your amazing a brilliant dancer! You smell great as well! You are truly a MEGA star, keep up the phenomenal work! ;). :D (Written by "Josh Ray (Guest)", 14th March 2012)

Wow, your so roboticly good dancer! Keep Coobering along, smell my orange nugget stinky freckle chubb tinkles.- Anon (Written by "Morgumez Coobies (Guest)", 5th February 2012)

You smell nice. (Written by "Mildred FuzzyMogumerez (Guest)", 5th February 2012)

Granny Hood says ypour name is Mildred Montogomery Mongumory Mortimer Mogummers and Disconan likes it. Lolerzpoo (Written by "Coober3000 (Guest)", 3rd February 2012)

I really enjoyed this. I think you are awesome! :D (Written by "Jack Schofield (Guest)", 15th December 2011)

i go dancing with reece he is a great dancing and i have seen priscilla with him playing benjamin and i have to say he was amazing he was the star of the show (Written by "charlotte (Guest)", 17th November 2011)